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  • 1.  Inputting Excel File

    Posted 05-26-2022 10:38
    I'm trying to input an Excel file with data coming from the 5th worksheet in the file and header row 13.

    I have the workbook spec's set to the below:

    <sheet index="5" headerRow="13" outputIndex="1" />

    I got it to work, however, the header row has all the fields with Wrapped Text in Excel. In order for me to get it to work, i had to go into the Excel file, unwrap the text in row 13, then it ran correctly.

    I'm trying to create an automated process for our team so they can just load in the files without manipulating data at all. When trying to run the node with the wrapped text, i get an error around "empty string". I've tried all the Exception behaviors to ignore to see if that would work, but that doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Chris Olson
    Knowledge Community Shared Account