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Infogix Assure / ER / Insight / Perceive 9.4 is Now Available

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  • 1.  Infogix Assure / ER / Insight / Perceive 9.4 is Now Available

    Posted 05-19-2022 16:36
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    Infogix Assure 9.4

    Some of the enhancements included in this release include:

    • Result Catalog Actions
      A new type of result action is available that acts upon result catalogs as a whole, producing alerts for entire result catalogs rather than the individual results within a catalog.
    • Data360 Govern Integration
      • Control Point Execution Summary
        Infogix Assure now sends execution summary data to Data360 Govern daily.
      • Layout Field Assets and Usage
        Infogix Assure now sends information about each field of layout rules defined within Infogix Assure. Additionally, Infogix Assure sends relationship information on which control points read which layout fields.
    • Database References Report
      A new system-wide report is added that lists database table and column mappings to layout fields and to the rules that use the layout fields. This new report helps customers review and understand the potential impacts to controls for changes being made in source databases.


    Infogix ER 9.4

    Option to Populate and Display Match Type for Reconciliation Items

    This feature allows users to filter and display Reconciliation Items by match type on Item Search screens. This will provide additional details on the type of match to better search for specific matches and conduct additional reporting.

    Command Line Rollback Confirmation Prompt When Recon is in EOD State

    The reconprocesscontrol command line utility now issues warning and confirmation prompt for the rollback and rollback rerun EOD operations, when the recon is in EOD state, to prevent accidental mistakes and data loss.

    Option to Hide Calculator Button on Reconciliation Screens

    Administrator can now configure the Infogix ER Rich Client to hide the Calculator Button on Reconciliation screens, using the RICH_CLIENT_SHOW_RECON_CALCULATOR_BUTTON property in Infogix ER properties. This helps to streamline the screen if the Calculator functionality is not required.


    Infogix Insight 9.4

    Angular Updates

    In this release, the version of Angular has been updated along with other libraries. These updates increase system security, performance and reliability.

    Improvements to Initial Loading Time

    Upgrades have been made to the underlying product framework to improve initial loading time.


    Infogix Perceive 9.4

    Angular Upgrade

    In this release, the version of Angular has been upgraded. This update, along with other third party library upgrades, increase system security, performance and reliability.

    TIBCO JasperReports Server® Support

    Infogix Perceive release 9.4 is certified with JasperReports Server 7.8. A new license file with an expiration date of January 30, 2022 is included.