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  • 1.  Importing DXF to Table with Existing Coordinates

    Posted 04-08-2024 11:05
    Edited by Darren Blair 04-08-2024 11:50

    Hi All,

    We have a main TAB file that has all of our Internal layouts of offices etc. these are using Non Earth (meters)

    I am trying to import a DXF drawing of a new Internal layout into MapInfo and would like to have the table using the same coordinates as our existing table, I have tried importing using Non Earth via UT with the coordinates from the existing table using CBM but I have not had any joy as the table sizing in comparison is very different. ( the reason to have it the same is we have multiple tables in use for our internals)

    Does anyone have any idea where I am going wrong? I inherited the existing GIS data and please bear with as I'm not fully experienced in MapInfo

    Any help would be appreciated



  • 2.  RE: Importing DXF to Table with Existing Coordinates
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    Posted 04-09-2024 01:42

    Hi Darren

    I moved your questions to the MapInfo Pro community as it fits better here.

    Can you share how the two tables look together?

    It sounds as if it's a scaling issue. Maybe one was drawn in millimeters and the other in centimeters?


    Peter Horsbøll Møller
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  • 3.  RE: Importing DXF to Table with Existing Coordinates

    Posted 04-09-2024 05:29
    Edited by Darren Blair 04-09-2024 06:10

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your response, it does seem to be a scaling issue as the Zoom scale is very different on both tables, but very hard to show you as with the two tables one is just a dot.

    Apologies but I have limited knowledge of setting the scale as thought that by choosing the coordinates from the original table it would be the same.

    Any ideas how when importing the DXF the scale can be set to the same as the main tab? Does the DFX file need changes to it before importing?

    I have tried setting the Projection and Set Transformation when choosing the Open - Import option but still no joy. This is where my limited skillset is tested

    Thank you for your help with this.



  • 4.  RE: Importing DXF to Table with Existing Coordinates

    Posted 04-09-2024 06:42

    All sorted, issue was down to the DXF file coordinates I was supplied - source a new file from vendor and all sorted.

    Thanks for your help Peter.