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Important Changes to ZIP Code Boundaries and Centroids in August 2024

  • 1.  Important Changes to ZIP Code Boundaries and Centroids in August 2024

    Posted 03-22-2024 16:25
    Edited by Product Communications 03-22-2024 16:24

    March 22, 2024



    The U.S. Zip Code Boundaries and Centroids product will have some important updates for the August 2024 Release.

    Overview of Features and Functionality 


    New ZIP Code boundary and points layer available without out Filler ZIP Codes

    For the August release, Precisely will introduce companion ZIP code layers which do not contain any Filler (MX Prefix) ZIP Codes.  This is to better support certain use cases where our clients can take advantage of assigning real ZIP codes to contiguous areas in the United States in order to build more cohesive territories or to assign assets to valid ZIP codes regardless of whether there is actual postal delivery data in that area. The standard ZIP Code boundary layers in the current product will remain unchanged.  Below is an example of how new files will appear in product:



    ZIP_Centroids_ ST.ext




    Zip_changelog_NoFill_YYYYMM (note that first NoFill changelog will appear in the November release)

    Important Update to the Change Log

    The added and deleted ZIP code records in the Change Log will be calculated using the ZIP Centroids layer to give an accurate accounting of added and removed unique ZIP codes.  The current Change Log was using boundary changes only for Adds, Deletes, and Changes.

    Schema File Update

    The schema .xls format will change to adapt to a new standard for Precisely data products including new fields.  More information can be found here: Community Announcement on Schema Changes.


    All 3 changes detailed above will first appear in the 2024.08 (August) release.

    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at

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