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  • 1.  HTTP Request Workflow Node

    Posted 09-08-2023 14:27

    We are trying to set up a workflow that allows us to create a new asset and populate that asset based on the form responses but are running into a 401 Authentication error.  Any advice on what we are potentially doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

    Brandon Mills
    FERC-Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • 2.  RE: HTTP Request Workflow Node

    Posted 09-11-2023 06:17
    Edited by Gail Sinclair 09-11-2023 06:20

    HI Brandon

    You need to add an Authorization header with your Secret and Key (with a semi colon in between).

    Edit:  - also I think your values need to be in quotation marks, unless they are number fields, e.g. "Fields": { "Name": "[Action Field :: NameValue]".......

    Hope this helps


    Gail Sinclair
    Hargreaves Lansdown PLC