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  • 1.  Grid Colour Tool - Bulk colour multiple Grids

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if there is a quick way to bulk colour multiple grids all at once. I have around 30 grids to ALL be coloured using the same Colour Profile.vcp.

    I'm hoping to find a quick way to do this. 

    Using this version of Mapinfo:


    Alexis Ha
    Lyall & Associates
    Burlington MA

  • 2.  RE: Grid Colour Tool - Bulk colour multiple Grids

    Posted 10 days ago

    For the record, you can do this with ProRaster Essential (or any other variant of ProRaster). You create a "raster source" which contains all of your 30 grids. This can then be displayed using the VCP you require, or any other method. You would then publish this rendering algorithm to MapInfo and it would display in Pro. All of about 30 seconds work.

    But this won't work with Pro version 15.

    I wonder if a seamless table can be used to do this?

    Sam Roberts
    Founder, Roberts Geospatial Engineering