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  • 1.  Govern Naming Conventions

    Posted 12-01-2022 13:41

    What is the best practice for naming a data/business glossary term? We have a situation where different business processes have similar concepts and business terms.  I am sure it is happening in our companies.  


    For example, we have these two terms 'Record', and 'Retention.' These terms are used by two separate departments/processes. We are considering these are two recording options:

    • Add a qualifier as prefix before the class word and create two terms
    • Add just the base name as it is commonly used in the department and still create two term with two domains or subject areas to make them unique. 


    I wanted to see what is your experience and how you are handling this kind of situation?

    Thanks, Zahid

    Zahid Kamal
    Van Wert OH

  • 2.  RE: Govern Naming Conventions

    Posted 12-09-2022 08:43

    Hi Zahid.

    We have the same situation.

    What we have done is identified terminology use areas, so now we have terms that are associated with use areas and one can see different ways term is used in different areas.

    Georgijs Ivanovs
    Orifarm Group A/S