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Foundation customers and Microsoft SharePoint support

  • 1.  Foundation customers and Microsoft SharePoint support

    Posted 08-15-2023 11:42

    As a reminder the Foundation last fully supported version goes into limited support starting September 10th 2023 See here for the product lifecycle definitions.

    What you might not realize is that its third-party compatibility with Microsoft and SAP product versions is increasingly becoming more limited.  Our third-party support policy is listed here.

    We have noticed that Microsoft is increasingly limiting functionality for their older product versions like Exchange and SharePoint that is causing the Foundation and User Governance products to not be able to function which is why we recommend that you should be seriously evaluating your migration plans to Automate Evolve or Automate Studio Manager.

    Note that Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is already in extended support.  Microsoft is also phasing out support for certain security related features such as this article: KB5020805: How to manage Kerberos protocol changes related to CVE-2022-37967 - Microsoft Support These kinds of changes by Microsoft inhibit usage of Foundation and are why we're strongly recommending customers plan for their migrations to successor products like Automate Evolve so they have enough time to migrate before Microsoft or SAP deprecate some capability that limits or breaks Foundation or User Governance functionality.  Please contact Precisely Sales if you want to learn more about your migration planning options.

    Tim Fujita-Yuhas
    Precisely Software Inc.