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  • 1.  Field name with spaces

    Posted 02-01-2024 14:38


    Feel like this is pretty obvious but I can't figure it out.  

    I'm adding a new field using a transform node.

    out1 += in1
    out1.Feed_Identifier = str
    I really want my field name to be Feed Identifier.  With a space between.  It doesn't seem to like the space between the words so I've added the _ (underscore) and then I use the modify fields node to change the name.  What do I need to do to add the new field with the space between the words, without having to use the underscore.  

    Mike Spalding
    AbbVie Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Field name with spaces

    Posted 02-02-2024 03:03
    Once field names become interesting, e.g. the output from JSON with dots etc, I find it easier to use the dictionary notation. (Not sure if its really called that).
    Its a few more chars to type, but seems bombproof.
    Configure fields:
    out1['Feed Identifier'] = unicode
    Process Records:
    out1['Feed Identifier']= 'xyz'

    Peter Sykes
    Data Governance & Architecture
    Vontobel Holding AG

  • 3.  RE: Field name with spaces

    Posted 02-05-2024 04:30

    Hm i would change the name in modify fields, adding a space.

    Or you can maybe do it from a select query, select column1 as column 1 maybe

    Henrik B
    E.ON Sverige