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February 12, 2021 - MapMarker - New Release Available

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  • 1.  February 12, 2021 - MapMarker - New Release Available

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    FEB 12, 2021

    MapMarker – New Release Available

    We are excited to announce that the latest version of MapMarker is available!

    There's nothing to do on your part; all of these features are live and ready for you to explore.
    New in this release:

    Reverse Geocoding
    – Now you can perform both forward and reverse geocoding, meaning you can input latitude/longitude coordinates to retrieve accurate address information and metadata.

    Simplified Data Output Selection
    – We've been working with our UX team to make selecting data outputs even easier.

    Multi-Pass Flows
    – Two new pre-defined geocoding processes, or options, help get you better results depending on whether you are trying to achieve better locational accuracy, or increase the number of successful geocodes.

    Multi-Match Fallback Options
    – If MapMarker finds more than one possible match for an address, you can now choose to match it to the best option available or to skip that record and leave for a manual review.

    New Match Score
    – Quickly assess each geocoded record's accuracy using an easy-to-understand match score as a data output.

    Country-Specific Data Enrichment
    – You can now append country-specific information to your geocodes, including Delivery Point Validation (DPV) in the United States and Australia Government Geocoded National Address File (GNAF) in Australia.

    New Reporting – We're always improving our geocoding output reporting so that you can review geocoding job success with details outlined in an easy-to-understand summary chart.

    Contact Information

    For any questions please contact us through our support website.