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  • 1.  Exploring the Gulf of Mexico Bathymetry for Christmas Infotainment!

    Posted 12-04-2022 19:15
    If you can drag yourself away from your Netflix Christmas Rom-Com Movie Marathon, here is an alternative video to provide some Christmas infotainment!

    I explore a high-resolution bathymetry raster, developed by the BOEM by stitching 3D seismic survey data together in the Gulf of Mexico. We have been awed by high-resolution terrain data from radar surveys like SRTM in the past couple of decades, but it is unusual to get such a detailed glimpse of the ocean floor. It truly is an amazing world down there, hidden under 3 kilometers of water.

    • Experience the thrills of salt diapirism! 
    • Wonder at the Florida Escarpment! - is it possible to wingsuit base jump from a 2-kilometer high cliff under the ocean?
    • Be amazed by methane hydrate explosions, mud volcanoes, and hydrocarbon releases!
    • Gawk at the 500 kilometer long Lloyd ridge levee channel - how does something like that form?
    • And finally, explore sea level change in the GoM and help locate the lost city of Atlantis...
    Here is the video, and you will find more information on the youtube site.

    Sam Roberts
    Founder, Roberts Geospatial Engineering

  • 2.  RE: Exploring the Gulf of Mexico Bathymetry for Christmas Infotainment!

    Posted 12-08-2022 04:54
    Fascinating story, Sam. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data