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Execute Data Flow Node queries

  • 1.  Execute Data Flow Node queries

    Posted 11-08-2022 04:33
    Hi Team

    I have a few questions on the "Execute Data Flow" Node as follows:
    1. When I run one of my Data Flows it takes 38 mins. When I run the same data flow via Execute Data Flow Node it ran for over 24 hours and still has not finished (the Run Parameters are exactly the same, it gets 3/4 of the way through before hitting a heavy processing node. Also I have been able to use the Execute Data Flow node successfully for other data flows). Any ideas what could be the issue?
    2. When I run a data flow via the Execute Data Flow Node will that Data flow still run using a maximum of 4 threads inside the data flow or is it only running with the 1 thread that kicked off the Execute Data Flow node?
    3. I can see this data flow running in the GUI but I cant "stop" the process like I would be able to do if I just ran the data flow not via the "Execute Data Flow" node. Is it possible to force "stop"  a data flow that was executed using the "Execute Data Flow" Node?