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ER Version 9.6 Fix Pack 1 Release Announcement

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  • 1.  ER Version 9.6 Fix Pack 1 Release Announcement

    Posted 02-05-2024 11:50
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    February 5, 2024

    Precisely ER Version 9.6 Fix pack 1 Release Announcement

    ER Version 9.6 Fix pack ER-9.6-14605 is now available with details below. This patch addresses the following software defect:

    Issue Number



    Fixed an issue where the user name check for ER Rich Client login was case 


    Enhanced Security for ER Rich clients with more client side sanity checks


    Fixed an issue where if RICH_CLIENT_LOCK_SCREEN_ON_TIMEOUT is configured as true and user entered incorrect credentials before unlocking the Rich client screen, then adjustment panels are no longer available.


    Fixed an issue where each time user unlocks Rich Client screen , the adjustment panels are duplicated

    You could find the Release Notes and Installation Guide, along with all the release files at  

    Please find attached Release Notes for more detailed information on installation steps.

    [Ejazul] [Haque] [Product Owner]
    [Department = Product Management]
    [Precisely Software Inc.]