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Enrich Boundary Data Schema Change

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  • 1.  Enrich Boundary Data Schema Change

    Posted 03-08-2024 09:34
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    March 2024

    Schema files to be standardized on new format later this year for Enrich Boundary Products



    As part of an initiative at Precisely to provide standardized documentation and improved product interoperability, the boundary products listed below will receive data schema document standardizations with updated column names and additional columns added.  This change will occur starting in August with the next available release scheduled.

    Overview of Features and Functionality 

    There has been a universal change to the Data Schema template to support Precisely software and cloud solution initiatives. Over the course of 2024, if you license one or more Precisely Enrich products, you will be notified of the transition to this new template.

    •  Data Schema Template Changes

    o    Please note the column definitions on the "Notices" tab. Some of these columns are specifically for use with Precisely Software Solutions.

    o    All CHAR and VARCHAR field types are now represented as TEXT.

    o    Data type and length are now in two separate columns.

    o    Field columns added:

    §  product_table_name

    §  index

    §  primary_key

    §  type_code

    §  table_name

    • Field columns with name changes:


    The next scheduled release starting in August 2024

    Boundary Products and associated release with new schema format changes


    Contact Information
    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at

    Any questions relating to this announcement can be directed to:

    Jared Beerman

    Product Manager