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EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 GA Release Available

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  • 1.  EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 GA Release Available

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    January 31, 2024

    EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 GA Release Available

    About This Release

    Precisely announces version 7.4.4 of EngageOne Enrichment.

    Precisely strongly encourages customers to stay current by upgrading to the latest release of EngageOne Enrichment. 

    Please refer to the EngageOne Enrichment product documentation for guidance on upgrading to this release version.

    Feature Highlights in this Release

    EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 provides quality and security improvements, fixes for customer reported issues and the following PDF improvements -

    • Add internal links in PDF documents. This allows, for example, to add a link from the first page of a document to a terms and condition page.

    • Detect annotations in PDF. This allows for routing documents based on the presence of specific annotations, such as if a stamp (image) is present on a document, that means to discard the document using the rule file.

    • Performance Improvements. Certain PDF workflows, particularly those with multiple output files, will have improved performance.

    Full details of quality improvements and fixes contained within this release can be found in the associated EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 Release Notes document below.

    Software and Release Notes Links

    The EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 software is available for download now on Precisely Data Experience.

    To download the software: Access the Precisely Data Experience here.

    EngageOne Enrichment 7.4.4 Release notes are available within the product download material or can be found here.

    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team online at https://support.precisely.com/contact/ or call 1-800-367-6950.

    For Professional services assistance with implementation or upgrades, please reach out to your Account Manager or your Professional Services contact.

    Any questions relating to this announcement should be directed to Parineeta Chaudhary, Senior Product Manager at parineeta.chaudhary@precisely.com.

    Caroline Anderson
    Precisely Software Inc.