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EMEA Customer Support Forum - Q&A Summary and event recording

  • 1.  EMEA Customer Support Forum - Q&A Summary and event recording

    Posted 12-12-2022 14:14
    Edited by Peter Møller 12-13-2022 01:46

    Hi Everyone!

    Many thanks to all who joined us for our recent MapInfo Pro EMEA user support forum. Don't worry if you missed it - we have posted the recording and slide deck here for your review.

    We had a bunch of great questions from users at the event. Questions and answers are summarized below:

    1. When will you release a new version of MapInfo Pro? 
    We are planning our 2023 release now and will let you know when we have more detail on timing and scope.

    2. I have been a daily MapInfo Pro user for 20 years.  I find the software very good.  However, something should be corrected is each time a table structure modification is made the table must be reloaded again in the map it is not practical at all. 
    Good point, we fixed the same issue we had with Pack Table. 

    3. When using the table structure modification tool, the GIS layer must be systematically reloaded manually in the map could you correct this? 
    For now, I'd recommend saving your session to a workspace and then restructure the tables, close all and reopen the saved workspace.
    4. You had a small option in the explorer which allowed you to not display the map and to modify the layers (symbology styles) while not wasting any time in refreshing the maps. 
    For the Redraw, there is an option on the Map tab in the Options group in the Map Tools dropdown to stop Map Redraws. A bit hidden, I admit.
    5. When we see the development of BIM and 3D (at ArcGIS and QGIS) when MapInfo Pro will have a 3D viewer (equivalent to the Scene Viewer)?
    We are currently researching options for enhancing 3D visualization in our next release. Maybe you can let us know what it is you looking for in 3D visualization. Send an email to either Peter ( or Jenn ( 
    6. You can't do geo-marketing like with ArcGIS Business Analyst. When will MapInfo Pro expand on these points? 
    What specific tools from ArcGIS Business Analyst are you missing in MapInfo Pro? Let us know: Peter ( or Jenn ( Thanks

    7. I have been using 2021 v1 for a couple of months. I wondered why my saved workspace is opened as untitled every time. 
    When you save a workspace, you can use "Save Workspace As" to specify a name for your workspace. If MapInfo Pro doesn't show the name of your workspace when you open it, I think you should reach out to our support. Do note that we have two ways to open a workspace: Open Workspace and Add Workspace. Only the first will show the name of the workspace in the MapInfo Pro title bar. 

    8. I also used the line dimension function, but the displayed measurement must be in 2 decimal places. could that be changed? 
    The Ruler tool is using the scale of the map window to determine a reasonable number of decimals. If you zoom into the map, you will get more decimals. If you want to control the number of decimals, you can draw a line and label it with an expression like this Format$(ObjectLen(OBJ, "m"), ",#.###"). The number of # after the decimal point controls the number of decimals. 

    9. Are you going to create other utilities in the marketplace because there are many extensions under QGIS made by the user community or are you going to create a marketplace where developers can deposit their plugins and we could rate them 
    Have you checked MapInfo Marketplace for new tools? The MapInfo Marketplace does hold applications from Precisely, our partners, and our customers. If you have an add-in you want to be posted on the Marketplace, do reach out. You can contact Peter ( 

    10. Is the login for the Data Experience different to the login for the Community, or to the Marketplace? 
    You should be able to use the same login for the community and the Precisely Data Experience

    11. Is there a beginner's course online/in the forum to give non-MapBasic users a way to build simple automation tasks, particularly if there are regular tasks that users need to perform, i.e. merge datasets and restyle? 
    I'm not aware of an online course on MapBasic. Maybe we should create a post on the community with some tips on getting started with MapBasic. There are several good resources out there on the web. There's a presentation here that goes through some of the basics:  

    12. Quite often we get aerial images in ECW format, but MapInfo Pro seems not to be able to read the corresponding world files (EWW). Is this not implemented yet or are we doing something wrong? 
    It would be good if you can share samples of these files with us to investigate. You can do it through Tech Support or reach out directly to me. My email is 

    13. An increasing number of customers want to display the infrared-channel of RGBI-rasters. Are there any plans to include this functionality in MapInfo Pro "standard" license?  
    You should be able to control this through the display options for your raster. It would be good if you can share samples of these files with us to investigate. You can do it through Tech Support or reach out directly to me. My email is 

    14. Could you restore the small option which allowed to deactivate the display of the map and thus allow to modify all the symbologies of map and styles without there being the refreshments of maps? 
    Would adding this option (Redraw On/Off) to the context menu of the Map be an option? You can of course access it from the Map tab. 

    15. The WFS functionality is quite nice with row-/column filter, paging, etc. I miss one thing though: Is there any setting I can do to channel the WFS communication (the outgoing requests) somewhere, e.g. in the message window? 
    Do you want to log the requests sent to the server? Have you ever used a tool like Fiddler? That could be a good option.

    16. Is it free to use MapInfo Marketplace? 
    Yes, it is free. There are a few tools that would require you to buy them after a trial period but 95% of the add-ins are free. 

    17. Will there be another Patch Release?  
    There will be security patches for 2019.3 and 2021.1 in early 2023.

    18. Will you be adding a join statement to time series? So that you can colour polygons by points that are filtered by time. 
    Peter will write a small article on how to do this 

    19. Would it be possible to integrate RouteFinder in MapInfo Pro directly?  
    RouteFinder is currently developed and maintained by our partner, RouteWare. Are there specific features in RouteFinder that you would like to see in a standard version of MapInfo Pro? 

    20. Would it be possible to make reports under MapInfo Pro like in ArcGIS Business Analyst? 
    You can create some reports using the layout window in MapInfo Pro. Please contact us to provide more detail about the reports you'd like. 


    Jennifer Kokkinos
    Precisely Software Inc.