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  • 1.  DbExecute

    Posted 05-17-2023 05:00

    Im trying to input a static select statement in a transform node and send it to dbexecute node.

    As an example, in my static data i have defined a string (Select * from table1 where id=1) where the col name is query i later send that to a dbexecute node
    and in the script i write sqlSelect('query'), i have also defined an input (query) in this node.

    When i try to run the execute node i get the error:

    WARN: statement takes at least 2 parameters not 1
    ERROR: Node execution terminated while initializing expert output by error: statement takes at least 2 parameters not 1

    Henrik B
    E.ON Sverige

  • 2.  RE: DbExecute

    Posted 05-17-2023 06:17

    Hello Henrik,
    If you face any issues or errors with the product and you need technical assistance please raise a technical case with us.
    All details you can find here.

    Paweł Góralczyk
    Precisely Software Sp. z o.o.