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Data360 Govern REST API '_includeTotal' parameter - performance implications?

  • 1.  Data360 Govern REST API '_includeTotal' parameter - performance implications?

    Posted 01-09-2023 16:16

    Regarding the _includeTotal parameter on the Govern REST API documentation page (I've noticed it on GETs for Asset and Relationships).  Can anyone tell me if specifying a false value for _includeTotal improves performance of the API call? 

    We have Data360 Analyze flows pulling significant amounts of data down from Govern for processing, and I believe all of them are using the default which is to return the total record count of the asset.  Most of those data pulls are making multiple batch calls in a loop to retrieve the needed data.  The initial call uses the total asset record count to determine how many more calls will be needed, but I don't see any logical need for the subsequent API batches to request that total count if setting it false would result in a performance improvement.  

    Other suggestions for API call performance improvement welcome as well.  

    James Holloway
    Experian US