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Data360® Govern Release to Production January 27, 2023

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  • 1.  Data360® Govern Release to Production January 27, 2023

    Posted 01-25-2023 12:35
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    A new release of Govern will be applied to Production environments on Friday, January 27th at 5:00 p.m. EST.  


    Attention: The removal of list display formats has been postponed.  It is not in this release.

    What's New?

    Be sure to check out the release notes linked and attached below for all enhancements and corrected issues included this release.  Below are some highlights:

    Initiator Email in Workflow

    A new workflow token has been added to enable you to include the email address of the use who initiated the workflow.  This can be used in the Form, Email, HTTP Request, and HTTP Response workflow activities.



    The Govern documentation has been moved to the Precisely Help Center .   There is no change in how to access it, you can continue to click the links from the product.




    Release Notes attached below.


    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact Precisely Global Support at