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Data360 DQ+ 8.2 - Enterprise and Customer Cloud Upgrade Announcement

  • 1.  Data360 DQ+ 8.2 - Enterprise and Customer Cloud Upgrade Announcement

    Posted 9 days ago
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    Data360 DQ+ 8.2 release is now available for Enterprise and customer cloud deployments

     What's New?

    Data360 DQ+ 8.2.0 On-Prem version includes technical upgrades & enhancements, usability improvements, and security improvements.


    Technical Upgrades and Enhancements

    Low Volume option in storage type for data view

    This release has added the ability to disable Redshift, Synapse, and Vertica, which are currently being used as the Data Stores for data views. Switching a data view storage to 'Low Volume' from 'High Volume" or "Regular Performance" will result in a migration process on save that will move the data from Redshift/Vertica/synapse to Postgres and vice-versa

    AWS Implementation for Kubernetes

    For AWS Single Tenancy, support is now added to run the app server in Kubernetes. This means when Data360 DQ+ is deployed to Kubernetes, a Tomcat server application is initiated into each Kubernetes node and deploys a DQ+ application into each one of them


    Usability Improvements

    Ability to customize the Home Screen Resource section

    The Data360 DQ+ Home Page Resource section can now be managed to publish your own content. You can now remove Precisely default content from the homepage and publish your own content, training material, and link to videos. You can also roll back to display Precisely default content.

    Larger Box to edit SQL statements in Datastore

    The SQL editor has been now expanded to provide a larger box to view or edit the SQL queries using the SQL editor.

    Copy and Paste Functionality in Process Model         

    Copy and Paste functionality is now available in Process Model that is similar to what is already implemented in Analysis Chain. The implementation is done on all the nodes such as External stage event, Stage intermediate event, Execute Stage/Process Task, etc.

    Security Upgrades

    Automatic Cross view filtering on fields with the same name

    Currently, on a dashlet that has information from multiple sources, a filter on that dashlet will only work for the source which is chosen when the dashboard was initially created. It is now possible to apply a filter to the dashlets that have information from multiple sources. The recent release will allow you to filter fields across sources with the same field name. 

    S3 Bucket access in different Regions

    Data360 DQ+ datastores are enhanced for external S3 data to be able to access S3 buckets in different AWS regions and it can now be accessed by creating an IAM user and assume a Role with AWS STS (Security Token Service)

    Additional features that have been included are: 

    • Updated spring framework and spring-security components to 5.3.22 and 5.7.3 respectively.
    • Added search field in analysis and process model to filter the available nodes for selection.
    • Added rate limiter to prevent password reset from being called too often.
    • Allow admin to change internal user's authentication type to OIDC or SAML in addition to AUTH0 in the Users screen.


    For more about this release view the release notes below. And don't forget to check out the community to get your questions answered or to give us feedback.  We love to hear from you.