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Data360 DQ+ 8.1 - EU/UK/AU/US UAT Upgrade Announcement

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  • 1.  Data360 DQ+ 8.1 - EU/UK/AU/US UAT Upgrade Announcement

    Posted 07-06-2022 13:43
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    An update will be applied to the following UAT environments on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, according to the following schedule :

    • US UAT environments at 5:00 PM CT      

    • EU/UK/AU UAT environments at 4:00 PM CT

    Please note that this product release is currently only available to Data360 DQ+ SaaS customers. 

    Any data changes made in the UAT environment will not be migrated until PROD is upgraded to the same version.


     What's New?

    Spectrum OnDemand integration, new dashboard features, shared cluster for AWS environments, and more.
    Data360 DQ+ 8.1.0 contains an out-of-the-box integration with Spectrum OnDemand to validate Geocode, allow the user to specify alternate shared cluster ID, enhances dashboard and case management capability, and more.

    Make sure you check out your UAT environment to see the changes prior to the release being deployed in Production.

    Integration with Spectrum OnDemand for Geocode Validation
    Data360 DQ+ now provides an out-of-the-box integration with Spectrum OnDemand to provide Geocode validation capability. The Spectrum OnDemand node is updated and when utilized in an analysis flow, this node now has the additional capability to call the Geocode validation service from Spectrum OnDemand with minimal configuration required from the user. The new node performs an API call and automatically transforms the response to make the data available for use within Data360 DQ+. The Spectrum OnDemand Geocode services allow you to submit an address and receive back the associated latitude and longitude.  Having this information can enable capabilities such as determination of the distance between locations, drive time, density, and other spatial queries.  (Note Spectrum OnDemand usage requires a separate license.)

    Collapsible group to hold other dashlets
    A new element is added to the dashboard panel which will allow the grouping of dashlets in the dashboard. This new element is called a collapsible group. This will enable you to show-hide the dashlets and filters placed inside the new collapsible group. This allows other dashlets to expand automatically when the collapsible group frame is hidden. 

    Shared Cluster for AWS environments   
    It is now possible to specify an alternate shared cluster ID in the execution profile of an environment on AWS cloud deployments. This will provide more control over execution time reliability.

    Additional features that have been included are : 

    • Metadata sent to Data360 Govern now includes more library rule properties (e.g., rule type, expression, placeholder name, 'is used in semantic type identification' flag etc.)

    • A new enhancement has been added that allows you to control the menu items on the case management screen based on your preferences.

    • The Prometheus endpoint has been added at /metrics for collecting web requests and stage execution metrics.

    and more...

    For more about this release : Release Notes