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Data360 DQ+ 10.2.0 UAT Release Announcement– US/UK/AU/EU

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  • 1.  Data360 DQ+ 10.2.0 UAT Release Announcement– US/UK/AU/EU

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    February 9, 2024

    Data360 DQ+ 10.2 UAT Release Announcement – US/UK/AU/EU

    An update will be applied to the following UAT environments on Friday, February 9, 2024, according to the following schedule:

    US UAT environment upgrade on February 9th @3:00 PM CT

    EU/UK/AU UAT environments upgrade on February 9th @2:00 PM CT

    Please note that this product release is currently only available to Data360 DQ+ SaaS customers.  Any data changes made in the UAT environment cannot be migrated until PROD is upgraded to the same version.

    New in this release

    Saving filters on the case store search screen

    A new Save My Filters option has been added on the case store search screen that will allow you to save your filter settings on a per-screen basis. You can always uncheck this filter in case you don't want to save your filter settings.

    Import case store field definitions from a data store

    A new Import From button has been added within the case store search and edit screens that allows you to import screen field definitions from a data store search or edit screen. This button will be enabled when you are creating a case store definition and have not yet added fields.

    Define multiple case store value filters

    When defining a case store, you can now select and define multiple value filters for non-codeset fields, increasing ease of use and efficiency.

    Create profile-based rules in a Rule Library

    When adding rules to a Rule Library in 10.2, you can now create basic rules based on the profile metrics of a data store that has profiling enabled. This allows you to set Data Quality rules against the profiled elements on the data source, select rules that you want to apply, and tailor any defined values to meet changing source inputs.    

    Show your current environment on the Profile page

    Previously on the View Profile page, you would only see the environment drop-down if you had access to more than one environment. With this release, you can now see the environment drop-down if you have access to at least one environment.

    Technical Upgrades

    Data360 DQ+ 10.2, you can connect to Google Dataproc when running on Google Cloud Platform. In this release, the command to create the required Google Dataproc cluster has changed. If you are an existing Enterprise/Google Dataproc customer, you need to recreate your Google Dataproc cluster to the newer version. See the "Google Dataproc prerequisites" section in the Enterprise Installation Guide for details of the required steps and commands.

    To learn more about the Data360 DQ+ 10.2.0 release and learn about all the updates, please see the Release Notes

    Ejazul Haque
    Product Owner | Data360 DQ+