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Data360 Analyze Third-Party JDBC Driver Compatibility with Java 11

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  • 1.  Data360 Analyze Third-Party JDBC Driver Compatibility with Java 11

    Posted 05-24-2022 08:08
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     Effective: November 16, 2021


    Data360 Analyze will leverage pure Java 11 from Data 360 Analyze v.3.10.0 release


    What's Changing?


    Currently, Data360 Analyze v.3.8.x is built using Java 11 but generates Java 8 byte-code.

    From Data360 Analyze v.3.10.0 the product will be built using pure Java 11. The JVM shipped with the product will also be Java 11.


    Note: JDBC drivers that are shipped with the Data360 Analyze product are not affected by this change.


    How does this affect my organization and what actions do I need to make?

    Third-party JDBC drivers that require Java 8 byte-code may not operate with Data360 Analyze v.3.10 or above.


    Java 11 does not support the loading of driver jar files from the 'lib/java/ext' directory. The use of this location was deprecated in a previous release (v.3.6.1) and at that time we recommended that JDBC driver files should be stored in a sub-directory of the <site>/lib/java/db directory.


    Prior to upgrading any live PROD / DEV environments to Data360 Analyze 3.10.0 or above you should review all third-party JDBC drivers that are being used with Data360 Analyze to confirm the version of the driver is compatible with Java 11 (byte-code). Your UAT/ upgrade testing program should include tests to confirm the correct operation of all third-party JDBC drivers. Where required, updated Java 11 byte-code compatible JDBC drivers should be installed.