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Data360® Analyze 3.8.5 Release Announcement

  • 1.  Data360® Analyze 3.8.5 Release Announcement

    Posted 08-02-2022 13:28
    Edited by Matthew Kennedy 08-03-2022 10:04
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    The Data360 Analyze 3.8.5 release is now available.

    This is a new Generally Available Long Term Support (LTS) release that provides the following features/fixes

    Scheduled data flow email notification
    A new run property URL_Link_To_Run has been added to the Data360 Failed Schedule Email Notification data flow. An admin user can reference this property in the schedule email template to include a direct link to the failed run in the email. For more information, see the "Configuring schedule emails" topic in the help.

    ERP nodes to handle the max row count
    The Extract ERP Table node will allow you to set the MaxRowCount that limits the number of rows retrieved when no RowCount is specified. The RowCount property is used to limit the rows, however, if the SAP system does not allow for the default (2147483647) number of rows, the property can be "unhidden" then set on the node or set server-wide via adding a line in the cust.prop to: ls.brain.node.erp.sapconnector.extractTable.maxRowCount=

    Preserve Tomcat settings across upgrades
    The upgrade installation process has been improved by ensuring that server.xml, web.xml & cacerts Keystore is maintained between upgrades. Examples of when you might change these files are while Configuring HTTPS or while Importing SSL certificates for use with certain nodes.

    SharePoint 365 nodes
    Four new SharePoint 365 nodes have been added to this release that was introduced in 3.10.0:

    Download for SharePoint 365 - Downloads files from a specified SharePoint 365 server using the SharePoint API.

    List for SharePoint 365 - Lists the contents of a SharePoint 365 document library or folder using the SharePoint API.

    Delete for SharePoint 365 - Deletes the contents from a SharePoint document library or folder using the Microsoft graph API.

    Upload for SharePoint 365 - Uploads the contents to a SharePoint document library or folder using the Microsoft graph API.

    Additional Enhancements

    • The Database Metadata node has been changed to make trigger queries against Oracle using DBA_TRIGGERS instead of ALL_TRIGGERS.
    • Added support for data virtuality to JDBC Metadata and JDBC Profiler nodes.
    • The last known location information now appears in the Library Node Conflicts dialog.
    • The updated Database Metadata node iterates through only two calls, one to get a list of the tables and a second to get a list of all the columns when there is no table filtering.
    • Fixed an issue where the Extract ERP Table node sometimes fails with an error "Option not valid".
    • Tomcat version upgraded to 9.0.62

    And more…

    For more about this release please refer to the attached Release Notes

    How to get the installers:

     can obtain the Desktop installer and a corresponding license by signing up on the Precisely website.

    Data360 Analyze Free Download

     can download the installer from the Precisely Customer website [login required].

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