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Data360 Analyze 3.12.3 Release Announcement

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    Posted 12-19-2023 08:29
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    December 19th, 2023

    Data360 Analyze 3.12.3 Release Announcement

    The Data360 Analyze version 3.12.3 has been released and can be downloaded from the Precisely Data Experience platform:

    This is a new Generally Available Maintenance Support Release for Version 3.12 that provides the following features/fixes:

    Update to Upload Tableau Node

    The new update to Upload Tableau Node allows users to upload files asynchronously. A new "AsyncUpload" property is added which when set to "True" allows users to upload files asynchronously. The default value of this property is set to "False".

    Publish to DQ+ node

    The previously supported Publish to DQ+ node is now fully supported with the addition of New Proxy and Retry connection properties to the node.

    Updates to ERP Nodes

    ERP nodes are updated to support long and large floating point types that are present in newer SAP systems. As a pre-requisite for this enhancement to work, SAP JCO library version 3.18 needs to be installed.

    Third-Party Library Upgrades:

    Several 3rd party libraries and components have been upgraded to take advantage of the latest features and security updates:

    Amazon Corretto JDK -

    Postgres - 13.13

    Tomcat – 9.0.83

    Other changes and Bug Fixes

    Along with the above enhancements, other updates include:

    1.      Number of HTTP headers is updated to improve application security.

    2.     New version of the General SQL parser is updated to fix the parsing issue.

    3.     User can now configure the retry and wait options while using Execution Containers.

    4.     Keep alive page is added at /html/keepalive.html which renders text "alive" and helps in ensuring that the web application is running.

    5.     Robots.txt can now be accessed from root path/robots.txt

    Along with the above deliverables and Library upgrades, 3.12.3 offers several bug fixes. More details on the deliverables are defined in the attached Release Note.