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Data360 Analyze 3.10.2 Release Announcement

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    Posted 12-16-2022 13:04
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    The Data360 Analyze 3.10.2 release is now available.

    This is a new Generally Available Long-Term Support (LTS) release that provides the following features/fixes

    SharePoint 365 nodes

    The SharePoint 365 nodes have been enhanced to allow users to switch between connecting to Team sites whereby the default root location for Team sites has been changed from "sites" to "teams" in the SharePoint admin center configuration settings.

    S3 Nodes support connecting to MinIO

    A new property "EndPoint" has been added to the S3 nodes, that provides you the ability to change the default endpoint, in order to enable connection to an alternative S3 service such as MinIO.

    Execution Data Sandboxing

    Documentation has been added to include the steps on how to update the Docker image, for use within the Execution Data Sandboxing feature. We recommend this is done anytime Analyze is upgraded for customers using this feature.


    A number of security enhancements and review have been completed, tightening up the security of the installed Analyze application, including:

    • Fixed CVE-2022-42889 "Text4 Shell" vulnerability in Apache Commons Text
    • Implemented expiry date & max-age attributes on session cookie.
    • l Fixed an issue whereby the server responses did not contain the Strict-Transport-Security header when HTTPS was configured.
    • Upgraded a number of third-party components in order to take advantages of both feature enhancements and security updates.



    Additional Enhancements / Fixes

    • Ensured that xlsx files generated by the Output Excel node will only use Zip64 by default. This also resolves compatibility issues whereby xlsx files generated by the node could not be correctly read by other software products, for example - Power BI.
    • Fixed an issue in the URL Query Builder node whereby it was not possible to specify the same name for URLField and URLOutputField properties when PassThroughFields mode was set to "Used" (default value).
    • Fixed an issue whereby the errors occurred for an operation on one data flow could be reported against a different data flow for which a similar operation was being performed at the same time


    And more…


    For more about this release: Release notes


    Customers can download Data360 Analyze 3.10.2 from the Precisely Data Experience platform: