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Data360® Analyze 3.10.0 Now Available - LTS Release

  • 1.  Data360® Analyze 3.10.0 Now Available - LTS Release

    Posted 06-10-2022 14:48
    Edited by Matthew Kennedy 08-11-2022 08:19

    The Data360 Analyze 3.10.0 release is now available.

    This is a new Generally Available Long Term Support (LTS) release provides the following features/fixes.


    New security features:

    • Execution Sandboxing - Enable secure user access to data file locations on the server. ensuring that users cannot access each others data files. Utilizes Docker execution containers on a per user basis, ensuring users only have access to their own files.
    • Multi-user installation (Linux only) - Configure Analyze to install and run as multi users (OS users). Different permissions assigned to each of the users and their groups, enabling a more secure running Analyze environment.

    Smart Guides and Canvas Alignment

    • Blue smart guides help line up elements to improve usability when building Data Flows
    • Yellow distribution boxes indicate nodes are equidistantly placed
    • Toolbar and right-click alignment and distribution options available
    • Improved snap to grid - nodes and other canvas elements snap to a 5x5px grid allowing easy alignment of nodes

    Usability Improvements

    • Required input pin show as orange to inform user that an input connection is required to be able to run the node
    • Email notification for a failed schedule now includes a direct link to the failed run
    • Display preference allows user to show/hide run dependencies

    Node Enhancements

    • New set of SharePoint 365 nodes, allowing access to SharePoint Online using the Microsoft Graph API: List, Download, Upload, Delete
    • New "Metadata for Salesforce" node - re-written and fixes a number of issues with the old node
    • New "Threshold Test" node - rewritten into pure Java node
    • Calculate Fields - Expressions can now include values from previous rows with the same name in the expression grid
    • Improved filtering options available on Filter, Split nodes, and via the Data Viewer

    Re-branded user interface
    - The Data360 Analyze user interface styles and colors have been updated to match the Precisely brand.

    Removed Functionality

    DrixDoc node removed from the product

    Component Upgrades

    • Analyze now running on Java 11
    • Postgres upgraded to 13.7
    • Tomcat upgraded to 9.0.62
    • EOL Log4j 1.2.17 replaced by reload4j
    • A number of other third party libraries have been updated

    Resolved Issues

    The following issues have been resolved in this release:

    LAE-27989, LAE-28029, LAE-27667, LAE-28539, LAE-28014, LAE-27512
    LAE-27885, LAE-27808, LAE-27244, LAE-27692, LAE-27980, LAE-22408
    LAE-25594, LAE-27729, LAE-23481, LAE-27282, LAE-27295, LAE-27392
    LAE-27445, LAE-27467, LAE-27556, LAE-27560, LAE-27561, LAE-27646
    LAE-27635, LAE-27244, LAE-27781, LAE-27763, LAE-27796, LAE-27699
    LAE-27689, LAE-27670, LAE-27451, LAE-27717, LAE-27716, LAE-27820
    LAE-10734, LAE-23353, LAE-25704, LAE-26109, LAE-26366, LAE-27239
    LAE-27286, LAE-27287, LAE-27341, LAE-27343, LAE-27345

    See the release notes for details of the resolved issues:

    How to get the installers:

    can obtain the Desktop installer and a corresponding license by signing up on the Precisely website.

    Data360 Analyze Free Download

    can download the installer from the Precisely Customer website [login required].

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