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  • 1.  CSV file not found

    Posted 06-20-2022 16:14

    Hi guys,

    my first post here.. nice to meet you all.
    i have few months with Data360 Analyze, so sorry in advance for my silly questions.

    my problem now is regarding a data flow that reads from a csv file.
    how can i do to handle the situation when the file does not exist?
    today, it fails but i´d like to have a behavior like "if the file is there, process it... otherwise, just successfully finish the flow without doing anything".


    Marcelo Loureiro
    DRZ Corporation

  • 2.  RE: CSV file not found

    Posted 07-04-2022 04:40
    Hi Marcelo,

    Nice to meet you!
    I'm trying to understand the purpose of what you're trying to do: If there is no file, there is no data. And if there's no data, then what exactly would you want your flow to do?

    In the mean time, I've tried to reproduce what I think you're trying to do: I used the "Directory List" node to give me a list of files in a certain folder, and I configured it so that it produces zero records (= 0 files). Then, I attached the node "CSV/Delimited Input" to that node and told it to use the field 'FileName' as its source (Input --> Data (from Filename Field) --> FileName).
    But whatever I do, running the CSV/Delimited-node will always result in the error messages "Execution Error - Resulting output has no fields defined" and "Execution Warning - Output output contains no metadata". Setting the option "MissingFieldBehavior" to "Ignore" doesn't make a difference, unfortunately.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

    Best regards from The Netherlands!

    Bart Roeleveld,
    Coney Solutions.

    Bart Roeleveld