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  • 1.  Common server config/resources for public SSA instances

    Posted 11-01-2023 21:33

    We have found that some public SSA sites are slugish and was wondering what resources you have available that make them better.

    Typically the system is on Spectrum/SSA 2023 and

    Spectrum settings

    Are there any non-default settings you use?

    What network up/down speeds are yours typically on? 


    George Corea
    Data Guru

  • 2.  RE: Common server config/resources for public SSA instances

    Posted 11-02-2023 19:49
    Edited by Duri Bradshaw 11-02-2023 19:55

    Hi George,

    32 GB RAM is more than enough but you need to make sure it is being used by Spectrum.

    1. I would set the Remote Components to match the number of CPU on the server. (which you have).
    2. Increase the max memory to 8192MB (assuming there is currently at least 8GB unused when Spectrum is running, leave some for the OS too).

    Have a look at your Java Properties too, the ones that relate to the pool size are the most important for performance, I would recommend sticking to the values listed on this site unless you have a good reason to change them (pool.file for TAB data, pool.database for SQL data).

    Another thing to consider is the amount and complexity of your data:

    1. Deaggregate complex aggregate geometries (they stop spatial Indexes from working efficiently).
    2. Simplify overly complex data by removing unnecessary nodes (thinning).
    3. Limit the number of complex layers that are visible, you can do this by turning them off by default or using zoom layering.
    4. For very heavy layers that are static (contours, vegetation, flooding, etc) you can setup a NamedTile and enable tile caching.
    5. Make sure SQL tables have appropriate spatial indexes.

    I would be interested to see if Precisely or anyone else has any other suggestions. 

    Duri Bradshaw
    Spatial IT Consultant
    Insight GIS