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  • 1.  "Combine Selected Objects" greyed out on Mapinfo 2023

    Posted 11-06-2023 05:31

    Hi everyone, 

    Apologies if this topic has been brought up before, I looked but didn't find any reference so decided to have a go. A function I use a lot is "Combine selected objects", like for instance stretches of road outside a couple of polygons, I normally need to combine those roads by road type, or into a single vector. On my version of MI2023 I have that function greyed out? Is this a "bug" or has the instruction been disabled going forward?


    Paulo Nunes

  • 2.  RE: "Combine Selected Objects" greyed out on Mapinfo 2023
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    Posted 11-06-2023 08:09

    Hi Paulo

    I guess this is something we haven't discussed that much concerning MapInfo Pro v2023.

    MapInfo Pro v2023 supports storing M and Z values on nodes on polygons, polylines, and on points too.

    Many of the spatial tools may not support this yet. To ensure users don't by mistake use some of these tools and lose all the M and Z values, we have disabled the tools that would result in this data loss.

    Unfortunately, many tables created over the later years are born with the setting that they support M & Z values. Even though you don't have specified this.

    To remove this setting from the tables, you will have to save a copy of the table and during this process uncheck the Support MZ option in the Save Copy of Table As dialog.

    Once you have saved a copy of your table under a different name, you can close the original table and then rename the copy to use the original table name and location.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data