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Changes to Your Canada Estimates and Projections Product Commencing Q1 2023 – Support Announcement

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  • 1.  Changes to Your Canada Estimates and Projections Product Commencing Q1 2023 – Support Announcement

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    March 2022

    Changes to Your Canada Estimates and Projections Product Commencing Q1 2023 – Support Announcement


    This product update is to inform customers of changes to the upcoming release of Precisely's Canadian Estimates and Projections products. Notification of upcoming changes was made in the Q1 2022 product Release Notes.

    New in This Release

    Estimate and projection values have been updated to reflect the latest available data inputs at the time of development. The data products in this Release have been updated with the 2021 Canada Census.  Precisely has made efforts to maintain similar datasets to our previously released 2022 update. However, there are some modifications in the datasets that have been made to accommodate the changes in the Census. More information about the notable changes resulting from the Census 2021 update, particularly within the E&P and the Update Profile products, follows in the next section. 

    Previously included within the Canada E&P product was the Census 2016 Base Year Estimates.  This dataset has been reset with the 2021 Census Base Year Estimates for this 2023 release. 

    Current geography is essential for timely, relevant analysis. Precisely data are based on the most up-to-date roster of geographical boundaries and definitions, including Canadian Census 2021 geographies and postal areas called Forward Sortation Areas.

    Changes in This Release

    Dataset changes in the 2023 update and other notable changes are listed below. 

    With the release of the Canadian Census 2021, the population and household characteristics offered within the E&P datasets have been updated to conform to the variables provided in the latest Census data.  For the E&P product and the Update Profile, this means that the variable names and descriptions have been modified, new variables added, and some variables deleted: 

                   With the switch by Statistics Canada to using gender rather than sex at birth as the default in most census standard data tables, the two categories of gender are now referred to as Men+ and Women+.  The "+" symbol denotes the individuals in the category "non-binary persons" (persons who are not exclusively a man or a woman) who are distributed into the other two gender categories. The variables which refer to Men+ continue to use "m" within the variable name and Women+ now contains "w" (rather than "f", previously referring to females) within the variable name.

                   The terminology for lone-parent families has been updated to one-parent families. The variable name and description has been changed accordingly.

                   Terminology related to Indigenous peoples has been updated - variable names and descriptions have been changed to align with Census terminology.

                   The Language Spoken Most Often at Home variable set includes three additional single response home languages: Malayalam, Dari, and Turkish. Three variable names have been modified. 

                   Immigrant Selected Places of Birth has been updated to align with Census 2021 Places of Birth, resulting in the removal of three places (Ireland, Kenya, and Japan) and the addition of three places (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, and Turkey).

                   Period of Immigration year ranges have been updated to align with new Census Profile data.

                   Updates to ethnic or cultural origins have resulted in changes to five variable names and to all descriptions.

                   The Education variable name "Bachelor's degree or higher" has been revised to account for a slight change in the data structure with the Education section.

                   Period of Construction year ranges have been updated to align with 2021 Census Profile data.

                   Other descriptions have been modified in alignment with the Census.

                   The variable pop15lfcy (Labour force: In the labour force) has been added to the Update Profile product, along with respective changes resulting from the above-mentioned Census realignment.

                   In the Update Profile dataset, the decimal values have been reduced to 2 decimal places (from 4 decimal places). This rounding may result in distributions not summing up to 100%.

    For more detail on the data schema changes in the E&P BY, CY, 3Y, 5Y, and 10 datasets plus the Update Profile product, please refer to: 


    Changes in the above file are color-coded as follows:

    • Yellow: Change
    • Pink: Addition
    • Blue: Deletion

    As alerted in the 2022 Release Notes, the file naming in the stand-alone data deliverables have been modified to align with new table-naming (product file-naming) and packaging standards. Please refer to the data schema and variables listing excel workbooks for the new table / product-file names. The packaging of the datasets has been modified within the zip file - the product files are now contained inside the data folder.

    As part of the standardization of digital data deliveries from Precisely, the PreciselyID folder with the pipe-delimited text file containing the PreciselyID PBKEY to Dissemination Area code lookup table has been moved into the data folder. The accompanying PreciselyID data schema documentation is also contained within this PreciselyID folder.  


    Q1 2023

    Contact Information

    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at

    Any questions relating to this announcement can be directed to:

    Andy Peloe

    Director Data Product Management