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  • 1.  Capturing error F2141 "Country & is not an EC member".

    Posted 16 days ago


    When running a customer update script (XD02), I get the following error message; 

    1. F2141 "Country NO is not an EC member".

    I've tried to capture that error message (+ Enter) and incorporate it to my script as optional, with no success. It's not shown in my view, even using expert and activating disabled fields.

    Has anyone else encounter this issue previously, and how have you solved it?



    Aitor Arruti Aizpurua
    Master Data
    Yara International Asa

  • 2.  RE: Capturing error F2141 "Country & is not an EC member".

    Posted 15 days ago

    Hi Aitor

    Warnings can be skipped, but not errors.  

    If you search on the error message, it points to potential SAP config issues.

    The other approach is to config the SAP message to be a warning and not an error.  I'm not sure where that is located in the config.

    You may want to check with your Basis team for either option.

    Best Regards,


    Sigrid Kok
    Precisely Software Inc.