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Business Glossary in D360 Govern

  • 1.  Business Glossary in D360 Govern

    Posted 12-23-2022 06:41
    Hi all

    We're starting to build a business glossary in D360 Govern and would like your contribution to support us in the general concept applied to the tool and your experiences in the cases you've already implemented in your companies:

    - What is / should be the scope of the business terms included? more specific of the company or general (searchable by Google)?
    - What is the expected user profile using the business glossary?
    - Should the business terms related to other data elements in the Catalogue or be independent?

    These ar only examples of doubts coming to us but we would like to understand from the community what are your thought, experiences, learnings in order to go ahead with our own decided path with more knowledge

    Enrique Rodríguez Alonso
    Coca-Cola Europacific Partners plc