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Automate Studio with Connect End of Life Announcement

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    Posted 03-12-2024 09:03
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    March 12, 2024 

    Precisely Automate Studio with Connect End of Life Announcement 

    We are excited to announce that Precisely Automate Studio with Connect is being superseded by our next-generation product: Precisely Automate Studio with Studio Administrator. This new product, launched in February 2024, and includes Precisely branding, usage reporting, enhanced security, and additional capabilities.

    Below you will find details regarding the affected users, information about Connect and Studio Administrator, next steps, migration costs, and where to find more information.

    Who does this apply to?

    • This change impacts our Studio with Connect (desktop) customers only. 
    • It does not affect customers using Studio with Studio Manager or Evolve.

    ·         You can continue to remain on Studio with Connect unless you plan to adopt SAPGUI 8.0 64 bit or SAP S/4HANA 2023. If so, you should plan to migrate to Studio with Studio Administrator (v24.x) to have compatibility with these SAP product versions.

    What is Connect? What does its "End of Life" mean?

    As a reminder, Connect is the web-based license management and reporting capability leveraged by Automate Studio with Connect (Desktop) customers.

    ·         The final version of Precisely Automate Studio with Connect is version 20.3.2.  It will enter limited support on September 1, 2024, and reach end of life on September 1, 2025.

    ·         The existing Studio with Connect product will be deactivated by September 1, 2025, and all existing licenses will stop working at that time.

    What is Studio with Studio Administrator?


    • Studio with Studio Administrator is a modern user and license governance application, with a Precisely branded user interface, usage reporting, enhanced security, and additional capabilities. It was launched on February 16th, 2024, and is available for existing Studio with Connect customers to migrate to.
    •  New capabilities in Studio 24.0 include the ability for your license administrator to disable modules in your Studio license, support for Single Sign-on (SSO), and enhanced security. 
    •  A subsequent release later this year will also introduce script automation support for SAP GUI for HTML at no additional cost.
    • It is important to note there is no loss of product functionality. All previously created scripts will continue to work with Automate Studio version 24.0 or later. Customers can easily and quickly migrate using our Automate Studio Administrator migration guide.


    What to do next?

    •  Existing customers who need to upgrade to version 24.0 before their next renewal date must open a customer support case to acquire the required Studio with Studio Administrator licenses to adopt version 24.0.
    • Otherwise, your Precisely Renewals Account Manager will contact you at least 90 days before your renewal date to share more information regarding your product and renewal options, and the simple self-service migration process.
    • If you are on a multi-year maintenance agreement, Precisely will contact you later this year.


    Is there a cost to migrate?

    • If you have existing subscription or perpetual licenses under active maintenance, you will be offered a product exchange of those Studio with Connect licenses for equivalent Studio with Studio Administrator subscription licenses. 
    • It is important to note that Studio with Studio Administrator only supports subscription licensing, so any perpetual licenses will need to be exchanged for subscription licenses. 


    Where can I find more information?

    • When your Renewal Account Manager engages with you, there are some available resources you should review, which should answer many of the questions you have regarding the migration from Studio with Connect to Studio with Studio Administrator. Additionally, you are welcome to watch this informative video at your convenience.   


    We hope you have found this information helpful, and we will continue to share more updates with you throughout this transition period. As always, thank you, and please don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions after watching the above video and reviewing this FAQ document.  

    Precisely Automate Product Management team