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  • 1.  AutoApprove by Task owner

    Posted 02-13-2024 17:45

    Is it possible to auto approve a task by a user name?  Using an RDL, there are several line items that are assigned to an admin user and the others are defined to an individual.

    When the admin user is found, I would like for the task to be auto-approve and continue with the next task in the workflow.

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  • 2.  RE: AutoApprove by Task owner

    Posted 02-14-2024 01:58
    Edited by Hammad Naeem 02-14-2024 01:58

    Hi Lamona,

    To Auto Approve the task you can make use of 'Default Approval Period' property of the approval node :

    In the screenshot above, 'Default Approval Period' is set to 1 and Duration is set to hour, which states that if not completed the task will be completed in next one hour.

    Refer Documentation for more details :

    Hope this helps.


    Hammad Naeem
    Precisely Software Inc.

  • 3.  RE: AutoApprove by Task owner

    Posted 02-14-2024 20:58

    Hi Lamona

    I have an example in one demo I built, which looks a bit like this

    it will go to supervisor approval.  If that person doesn't reply by the Approval timeout period, it will autocomplete and go to the manager, which is another role/swimlane.  The Escalated transition condition looks like this:  AutoApproved("Plant Supervisor Approval")

    But for your scenario, why would you want to go to the approval node at all?  Why not do the lookup for the admin user prior to that step and use a transition to skip the approval if it is the admin user?    Otherwise, you will have to wait until the approval period has expired.   I may not have the full picture, but based on what I know now, that's what I would do.

    Best Regards,


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