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August 9, 2022 - Assure iOptimize 10 0 08 00 Release Notification

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  • 1.  August 9, 2022 - Assure iOptimize 10 0 08 00 Release Notification

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    Release Date: August 9, 2022
    Assure iOptimize

    Precisely announces the release of Assure iOptimize This release provides either a new install or an upgrade from all previous release levels of Assure iOptimize 10.0 and 9.0.
    Precisely encourages customers to stay current by upgrading to the latest release for Assure iOptimize.  Details of the fixes and new features contained within this release can be found in the associated ReadMe document.

    How to Download and Activate the Assure MIMIX Software
    To access the software and license tools, you must have a Precisely (Customer or Partner) Community account established and have license entitlement.

    To download the software: Use the Precisely Data Experience link.

    Run the Install Wizard on a Windows PC to install the software and apply license keys.  Other options to install and apply license keys are documented in the Using License Manager manual.

    Summary of Feature Additions or Changes
    • Assure iOptimize is now compatible with IBM i OS 7.5
    • There are 2 fixes in this release.

    • In an upcoming service pack, the LAKEVIEW (License Manager) library will be changed to have the public authority set to *EXCLUDE.   ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED ON YOUR PART to avoid any downtime or disruption to your operation.  More detailed instructions will be provided in the future service pack(s) that contain this change.  To prepare, Precisely recommends a review of the following areas that may be affected:
    • User profiles for users who need to access the iOptimize software, and their current authorities.
    • User profiles used by any automated jobs or tasks which access the LAKEVIEW library and their current authorities. 
    • User and system library lists, job descriptions and user profile initial menu and initial program to make sure that the LAKEVIEW library is not specified.

    Minimum Requirements

    • Assure iOptimize

    • Minor Release

    Minimum product version to upgrade from:
    • Assure iOptimize 9.0

    Assure Unified Interface version:

    Assure iOptimize Portal App version:

    IBM i OS Levels supported:
    • 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5

    Tested browsers for the Assure Unified Interface:
    • Current versions of Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer 11 and greater, Edge, Safari

    Supported Windows OS for the Assure Unified Interface Server on Windows:
    • Windows® 10, Windows® Server 2016, Windows® Server 2012R2, Windows® Server 2019 

    Supported Windows OS for the Install Wizard:
    • Windows® 10, Windows® Server 2016, Windows® Server 2012R2, Windows® Server 2019

    • Run the PTF Check Utility to check for all recommended IBM i PTFs.
    CHKIBMPTF for Partners

    Support Links

    Any questions relating to this announcement should be directed to Dan Simms, Product Management Director, IBM I HA at