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Announcing Data360 DQ+ 9.0.0 PROD Release

  • 1.  Announcing Data360 DQ+ 9.0.0 PROD Release

    Posted 20 days ago
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    An update will be applied to the following PROD environments on Saturday, March 11th, 2023, according to the following schedule:

    ·         US PROD environments Upgrade on March 11th @4:00 PM CT

    ·          EU/UK/AU PROD environments Upgrade on March 11th @5:00 PM CT

    New in this release

    Integration enhancements

    There are the following Integration enhancements in this release: 

    • Enhancement to current Spectrum OnDemand node to validate Email Address
    • Enhancement to current Spectrum OnDemand node to validate Phone Number 

    Usability enhancements

    Several usability enhancements in this release allow customers to: 

    • Search time zone and language in the settings screen
    • Search and sort rules on the rule library and analysis
    • Have more flexibility to set or clear the dirty state of items in the pipeline tree while exporting the data to enable users to keep track of what changes have not yet been exported.
    • Add data label customizations on charts and able to suppress chart legend's prefixes if they are the same.
    • View the details of rollback execution in the audit trail.
    • ]View the similar format of numeric fields on the case search screen and case detail screen,
    • ]Change stage individually for the text dashlet and filter dashlet.
    • ]Configure and view tooltips for the data and pivot data grids. 

    Technical enhancements

    Technical enhancements in this release include:

    • Share and reuse EMR cluster executions: Amazon EMR clusters now support an idle time limit, after which the EMR cluster shuts down. This presents us an opportunity to make dedicated clusters reusable, especially in a process model situation, which will benefit customers with reduced requirements for the bootstrapping phase when executing multiple analysis flows in the process models.

    Other Enhancements: Other enhancements added in this release include

    • Execution history data is now exposed using GraphQL. This is useful way to monitor the application's health. This gives users the ability to obtain the information seen on the Admin | Executions page in order to assess that jobs are running as expected, either from within DQ+ or from external applications. When a new datastore with the type XML is created, it will show the hierarchy of the fields and not just the stand-alone field name. This is useful when locating the fields and establishing the relationship.
    • User-friendly error messages for network-related issues will now be issued during the analysis

    To learn more about the Data360 DQ+ 9.0.0 release, please see the Release Notes linked below.