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  • 1.  Addressing What Matters: No Name Aliasing

    Posted 11-08-2023 00:11

    As you drive on Interstate 70 past the plunging rock cliffs of Glenwood Canyon just outside of Glenwood Springs Colorado, you pass the sign to one of the best-named places ever. 

    No Name Colorado is a tiny community, where people first began living in 1874.  In the 2020 census, it boasted all of 177 inhabitants - who proudly call themselves "No Namians".  So of course, there isn't much there apart from the stunning views of No Name Creek draining into the Colorado River, a few quaint houses, and an RV Park.

    The main road running through the community is called, unsurprisingly, No Name Lane (somewhat evocative of a U2 song don't you think?).  And from an addressing perspective, this is where it gets really fun and shows the power of addressing software!

    Let's take the address: 1245 NO NAME LN, NO NAME, CO 81601. This is a real home that receives mail and is on a main thoroughfare through the community, and the address above is entirely legal.  However, No Name doesn't have a post office, instead, all mail is delivered from nearby Glenwood Springs, so straight away our software would correct this address to 1245 NO NAME LN, GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO, 81601-8718.  No Name is what is known by USPS as an "Alternate City".

    Then for some reason, the USPS has decided that No Name Lane is not the official name for the street despite what the street sign says.  To obtain your mailing discount (not something available to those of us who hand-write envelopes) the street would become COUNTY ROAD 129.  No Name Lane is what the USPS calls an "Alias Street".

    So the current formal USPS address for 1245 NO NAME LN, NO NAME, CO 81601 is in fact 1245 COUNTY ROAD 129 GLENWOOD SPRINGS CO 81601-8718.

    I'm sure you are like me and would choose to use the first one.

    Mike Ashmore
    Senior Director Product Management
    Precisely Software Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Addressing What Matters: No Name Aliasing

    Posted 11-09-2023 06:59

    I do wonder if U2 have visited this neck of Colorado, certainly.

    Cheers Mike

    John Ievers
    CDR Group Limited
    Hope Valley, United Kingdom