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Address and Property Products: 2023 Breaking Change Releases

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  • 1.  Address and Property Products: 2023 Breaking Change Releases

    Posted 12-19-2022 10:10
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    December 19, 2022





    This announcement is to inform you of the June/July 2023 breaking change Address and Property releases.  Please read this message in its entirety if you license one or more of the Address and Property Products below:

    ·       Address Fabric

    ·       Serviceability Extended Attributes

    ·       Property Attributes Assessment

    ·       Property Attributes Mortgage

    ·       Property Historical Sales

    ·       Property Graph



    Overview of Features and Functionality 


    What is a breaking change? We define a breaking change in the Address and Property products as any addition, removal, or renaming of field attributes; or any change that we believe would affect a client’s ETL scripts. Because we know how impactful a breaking change can be to your production process, we limit them to once a year, typically performed with our June releases. We provide this initial 6-month notice (with few exceptions) so that you may appropriately plan to update your production systems as necessary.


    Included in this communication are the known product schema changes scheduled for the June 2023 releases.  Subsequent reminder communications will be delivered in the new year to ensure our clients are taking the necessary steps to accept these changes and be successful.




    Please see a summary of changes for each product and their associated draft data schemas linked below.


    ·       Address Fabric

    ·       The Precisely Data Experience “File Format” field will change from ASCII to TAB Delimited. This is not a change to the delimiter of the data product, but how it is represented on the Precisely Data Experience “My Data Products” download page. Those clients using the Automatic Downloads SDK from the Precisely Data Experience will need to update their download scripts to reflect this change.

    ·       Synthetic parents will be identified in the “low confidence” file (address_fabric_low_conf.txt) found in the “data” folder of the Address Fabric product package. A new field will be added to the low confidence file called “SYN_PARENT” with field values of either “YES” or “NULL.”. Synthetic parents are primary addresses that are derived by Precisely when a group of secondary addresses are not assigned a primary address.

    ·       The state and county FIPS code will be added as a separate field to the main address file (ex. address_fabric.txt), the change log file (ex. address_fabric_changelog.txt), and the low confidence file (address_fabric_low_conf.txt). The state and county FIPS already exist as the first 5 digits of the GEOID field, however this will allow for easier filtering of county level records.

    ·       See united_states_address_fabric_data_schema_DraftJune2023.xlsx. Changes are highlighted in yellow.

    ·       Serviceability Extended Attributes

    ·       Field addition for the 5-digit state and county FIPS (FIPS).

    ·       Field addition for the15-digit GeoID to represent the full Census Block (GEOID).

    ·       See serviceability_extended_attributes_data_schema_DraftJune2023.xlsx. Changes are highlighted in yellow.

    ·       Property Attributes Assessment

    ·       In addition to the cleansed and standardized billing and situs address attributes; fields will be added to represent the original situs address from the tax authority: SRC_ADDRESS, SRC_CITY, SRC_STATE, SRC_ZIPCODE.

    ·       We have included a new record called “synthetic property record” in the 2022.11 release. For the June breaking change release, we will include a field to identify these records (SYN_PROP_PARENT). The values will be either “Y” or “NULL.”  To learn more about these synthetic property records, please refer to the Property Attributes Assessment Product Guide.

    ·       See property_attributes_assessment_data_schema_DraftJune2023.xls. Changes are highlighted in yellow.

    ·       Property Attributes Mortgage

    ·       The addition of an Owner ID for the secondary homeowner (OWNID2).

    ·       See property_attributes_mortgage_data_schema_DraftJune2023.xls. Changes are highlighted in yellow.

    ·       Property Historical Sales

    ·       The following fields will be renamed:

    ·       See property_historical_sales_data_schema_DraftJune2023.xlsx. Changes are highlighted in yellow.

    ·       Property Graph (Available for July Release – 2023.07).

    ·       Field addition for the 5-digit state and county FIPS (FIPS).

    ·       See property_graph_data_schema_DraftJulyl2023.xlsx. Changes are highlighted in yellow.




    June 2023

    Contact Information


    If you would like technical assistance, please contact the Precisely Global Support team at


    Any questions relating to this announcement can be directed to:


    Amy Metz

    Product Management Director