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  • There is full support for the 32-bit SAP GUI 8.0 with the Automate 20.3.2 release. There is limited support for the 64-bit SAP GUI 8.0 with the Automate 20.3.2 release that you may want to download and see if it meets your needs today. The latest ...

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  • Hello All, The Automate documentation team has made a lot of improvements to our help documentation this year and we wanted to highlight some of the improvements. Please take a look at the new site if you haven't already and give us feedback! ...

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  • Hello All, We are excited to announce the availability of the 20.3.2 release for the Automate products. The release consists of the following products: Studio 20.3.2 Studio Manager 20.3.2 Evolve 20.3.2 Please note that ...

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