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  • Version 9.6   Version 9.6 for the ACR is now available for download via Precisely Data Experience . ACR The v9.6 comprises of enhancements and modifications included in ACR/Summary®, ACR/Detail®, and ACR/Instream. The Release Notes lists migration ...

  • Reload4j patch for Visibility API 9.5   This patch is a replacement for log4j 1.x library used by Visibility API 9.5. The product will now use Reload4j library instead of log4j 1.x library for the 9.5 release.   Please find the patch (as shown ...

  • Infogix ACR/Summary and ACR/Detail 9.4 Some of the enhancements included in this release include:   New Licensing for ACR/Summary and ACR/Detail The compiler used by ACR/Summary and ACR/Detail on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms have been ...

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