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Welcome to the MapInfo Pro Developers community!  We are a group dedicated to the discussion and understanding of MapBasic and .Net MapInfoPro AddIn development. Bring your questions and ideas here. This group includes several members of the Pro development team from around the world.

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  • Thanks for your advice guys, that's great. Unfortunately, the project just got cancelled by the client but now I know for next time and maybe this helps someone else :( ------------------------------ Ben Kleywegt Insight GIS ----------------------- ...

  • I was going to post a similar reply about the animation layer but Peter beat me to it. So this is me agreeing with his post. ------------------------------ Bob Fortin Software Architect and Distinguished Engineer MapInfo Pro Development Team ------ ...

  • I assume you need to create a method with a lighter footprint. I'd think you can update your table to show the new position of the point. Are you showing all the points as they get inserted? It will eventually be a lot of points if you add one for each ...

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