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Welcome to the MapInfo Pro Developers community!  We are a group dedicated to the discussion and understanding of MapBasic and .Net MapInfoPro AddIn development. Bring your questions and ideas here. This group includes several members of the Pro development team from around the world.

Please feel free to start a discussion in the discussion tab or join in a conversation.

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  • As @Andrei Veselov just wrote in the MapInfo Pro Community, we have made MapBasic v2021 is available for download: . Here's a list of the new and enhanced features for ...

  • PS: MapInfo Pro v2021 now has built-in support for Regex via these functions: RegExReplace$() : This function replaces all or single RegEx matches in a string. RegExMatch$() : This function matches the given RegEx pattern with the input string. ...

  • Hi Manoj I assume one scenario could be to map events and then the claims as they start arising. Or you could visualize the risk exposure for a given hurricane path as it moves across an area Do you have any ideas yourself, or maybe you could mention ...

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