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Welcome to the MapInfo Pro Developers community!  We are a group dedicated to the discussion and understanding of MapBasic and .Net MapInfoPro AddIn development. Bring your questions and ideas here. This group includes several members of the Pro development team from around the world.

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  • Based on , I tried a couple of options but none of them do what I need. See comments in code for details on the issues. Sub Splash 'based on Dim ...

  • Hi Stephen, You cannot assign a python expression to a MB command, achieving the same thing can be used using MB command only in python. See code below. do( "select * from states where obj into ToUpdate NoSelect" ) do( "dim newPen as Pen" ...

  • We undertook a similar task to this last year, transforming 1500 - 1km DEM tiles into 0.25m contours. We had a few attempts at doing it in MapInfo but ultimately went down the FME route. Contours were produced at 0.25m across all the elevation range -2m ...

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