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  • 1.  Govern Data Lineage User Interface/View

    Posted 08-25-2021 12:13

    We are working on new test/use cases for data lineage. The default view of data lineage is difficult to follow at times. Especially when we have multiple stored procs and functions are involved. One of the ways we can try to simplify this view is to ensure that the 'horizontal' view is shown by default and then the 'vertical' expansion should come afterwards. I mean it should give an 'end-to-end' view or picture of the asset first (left --- center---right) then it should allow the depth of each step. It will improve user perspective and understanding of the lineage. Thanks.

  • 2.  RE: Govern Data Lineage User Interface/View

    Posted 08-25-2021 13:18

    Couldn't agree more and something I have raised before.

    Some of our Lineage maps are very large and whilst some only contain 5 to 10 "Hops", the hierarchy of Systems, Deployed Apps, Servers, Databases, Schema, Tables, Columns and View underneath those systems cause the diagrams to render very slowly even though the user only wanted to see which system a file went to and didnt care about the specific table it was ETL'd to.

    Allowing more types of filters (including relationship types (not just predicates)) and allowing an admin to set the default diagram type (Lineage / Impact / Process) and a saved view for each Asset type (set at an enterprise wide level) would be a simple and elegant solution to the problem