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  • 1.  Layout Watermarks

    Posted 04-14-2022 10:47
    Edited by Richard Sherman 04-15-2022 17:20
    Hi all,

    I'm using MapInfo Pro v2021 64 Bit. I am trying to work out how if it is possible to apply a Watermark over the layout screen? As I want to have 'DRAFT' written on the PDF layout. Therefore I have looked in the MapInfo PDF Printer Version 2021 'Watermark' area and selected this function however when I print as PDF the watermark text does not appear? 

    EDIT: Managed to get a Watermark text showing which is good! All it was was making sure to increase the text size to a larger font as for some reason the standard default text size it uses when I did the layout did not show up / visible. Therefore that must the how to do it.



    Richard Sherman
    United Kingdom

  • 2.  RE: Layout Watermarks

    Posted 04-21-2022 07:29
    Hi Richard
    Glad you git that working.
    Alternatively, you could use the Cosmetic Layer of the Map Window and plonk a huge text item over that. You can then adjust the translucency of the Cosmetic Layer to suit.

    John Ievers
    CDR Group
    Hope Valley, United Kingdom

  • 3.  RE: Layout Watermarks

    Posted 04-21-2022 08:36
    Or use the Smart Text adornment added in MapInfo Pro v2021 to add a Smart Text adornment at the center of the map window.

    Peter Horsbøll Møller
    Principal Presales Consultant | Distinguished Engineer
    Precisely | Trust in Data