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  • 1.  Elastic Search criteria

    Posted 03-03-2022 20:25

    We understand that Govern uses Elasticsearch it is possible to gain an understanding of the  algorithm used?

    Is it the name (title), tag and the number of “mentions” of the searched term in the description to determined how the search results are displayed (sorted)?

    As we would like to ‘Optimise’ the search result returning Business Assets as much as possible. 

  • 2.  RE: Elastic Search criteria

    Posted 03-04-2022 06:45

    Hi Maria,

    The Precisely services team will be able to best assist with this request. My records indicate your team is currently engaged with this group, though if I am mistaken please let me know so we can further review options.

    Matthew Kennedy

  • 3.  RE: Elastic Search criteria

    Posted 03-07-2022 20:41

    Hi Matthew,

    I am from the implementation team in Australia, working with Sven. 

    There are 2 parts to the question Maria asked. The first part is a generic question about how the search results are coming back. This is the information Sven provided, based on advice provided by engineering: 

    for the main global search, the Asset name gets the highest rank when searching, then tags are next highest, definition is next, and the frequency of the appearance of the search term also factors in.

    The second part to Maria's question is an enhancement request. Right now there isn't a way to control the  order the search results are returned. In Maria's example, ensuring that the results from the assets from the business asset types are returned ahead of other asset types like technical assets, as well as controlling order for a given type of business asset (business term) over other business asset type.

  • 4.  RE: Elastic Search criteria

    Posted 03-13-2022 19:10

    These might be potential options to be explored/brainstormed while considering this enhancement request:

    1. Having the ability to configure the initial search scope by user persona, user group, or by user would allow search result customization based on user or user type. 
    2. More fine-grained control of search result ranking by asset category (business assets, technical assets, models, etc.) and by asset type (business glossary, reports, applications) based on user persona, user group, or by user.  Allowing customers to customize search rank weights by asset type would allow customers to influence the order in which results are returned.
    3. Possibly some other mechanism of configuring the search result order based on asset types, and ideally configurable by user persona, user group, or by user would be worth exploring.  Possibly setting a default search result order by asset type (instead of using customized search rank weights as envisioned above)

  • 5.  RE: Elastic Search criteria

    Posted 03-14-2022 02:09

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Maria, I have opened an enhancement request ticket for this to be reviewed by the product management team ( Reference : GOV-17504 )

    Matthew Kennedy