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  • 1.  10.4.3 and link repo display height

    Posted 03-10-2022 16:01
    We just upgraded to 10.4.3 and immediately noticed a strange UI display issue. Nearly everywhere that we have linked repos, the box is too small and the data is hidden. In the screen capture below, the display indicates there are 5 records on 1 page but does not display the data until you grab the bottom-right corner and drag it down.

    It appears that the window display height default of 150 just isn't enough to show data now that the new UI uses it in 10.4.3. We have a lot of linked repos in multiple environments. Rather than change them all one by one, we ran the following update statements and cleared the cache. 

    update B_LINK_CHILD_REPOSITORY set WINDOW_DISPLAY_HEIGHT=200 where isnull(window_display_height,0) < 200;

    Now all of our linked repos display data without the need to resize the box.

    Ray Smith | Manager, Data Engineering
    UnitedHealth Group | 801-982-3066

  • 2.  RE: 10.4.3 and link repo display height

    Posted 03-11-2022 08:03
    Nice tip!
    We are trying to upgrade to 10.4.3 and have lots of linked repos as well.  So we will very likely do the same.
    I appreciate you sharing your learnings!

    Joshua Swett | Sr Applications Engineer
    Steelcase, Inc | 2696251984