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The 7 benefits of coloring for children

  • 1.  The 7 benefits of coloring for children

    Posted 03-24-2022 06:29
    Edited by Jones Andrew 03-24-2022 06:29

    Coloring isn't just about smearing color on paper. It is an activity that brings many benefits to those who practice it. It has again become a very trendy pastime among young and old. Here are 7 good reasons to let your children indulge in this creative activity that is very beneficial to them and which remains easy to implement.


    Coloring is first and foremost a fun activity. This is why you will generally have no trouble deciding your child to color and it is even often he who will ask you to do so. The multitude of themes covered in the coloring pages Värityskuvat will ensure that there will always be at least one to interest each child.

    All baby animals and young humans learn through play, a playful activity will always be more beneficial. This is how all the benefits listed below will be favored by the fact that coloring is entertaining.

    Develops fine motor skills

    Follow the lines without going over, respect the colors, hold their pencil flexibly but not tensely, press enough on the paper with their pencil to deposit the color but not too much so as not to damage the sheet, these are all things that the child will have to learn to master to succeed in coloring. The motor actions implemented in coloring will make it possible to strengthen the wrists, hands, and fingers, which is necessary for easier and more fluid writing. The manipulation of small objects will also be improved.

    All this, therefore, allows the child to develop his fine motor skills and promotes his concentration.

    Promotes concentration

    By observing a child who is coloring, or can notice that most of the time he is immersed in an inner bubble. That he pays less attention to what surrounds him and frees himself from all the mental burden he had been able to accumulate up to that point. He finds himself in a safe cocoon bringing relaxation and promoting concentration on the task he is accomplishing. Coloring stimulates both logic (left hemisphere of the brain) and creativity (right hemisphere). Applying yourself engages the brain to concentrate.

    Allows you to take down screens

    At a time when television, games on tablets, or smartphones are always trying to monopolize children a little more, it is good to get back to basics. Coloring appears to be a traditional activity that, with few material means, does more than resist screens. She manages to occupy them for hours without creating dependency while relaxing them.

    Quiet and relaxing

    Coloring can also be a way to help a child calm down, channel their restlessness, and relax. If he is nervous after a hectic day, if he has difficulty falling asleep, ten minutes of coloring will help him find his inner calm.

    While screens stimulate the brain and keep young and old awake, coloring will have a certain relaxing effect on them.

    According to some researchers, coloring would have anti-stress effects close to those brought by meditation. These benefits would come from the fact that the repetition of the same gestures activates a particular area of ​​the brain which is also implemented during the practice of yoga or meditation. This lowers blood pressure and puts the body into relaxation mode, with a stimulated production of dopamine and serotonin, the hormones responsible for mood and well-being.


    Coloring is a good way to integrate educational elements without looking like it, without it looking like a daunting learning experience. This can come from the colored subject such as the castles of the Loire, or contextual elements. This may concern learning numbers, colors, geography, history, art, vocabulary, spelling, and even words of a foreign language as in the Little Mouse coloring pages which are embellished with captions in French and English. These lessons can be introduced according to the child's age and abilities.

    Economical and easy to implement

    For parents and teachers, coloring is an inexpensive activity that doesn't require much preparation. Colored pencils or crayons are readily available at most brick-and-mortar stores or online.

    It is possible to download free coloring pages on the Internet and there are also beautiful coloring books in stores and online which are good ideas for gifts or rewards. It is recommended to always have a small supply on hand for rainy days, commuting, and when everyone is longing for calm weather.

    And if at first, your child protrudes a little or scribbles, that's no problem. This is the beginning of his apprenticeship!

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