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Apply chatbots to complex PDF documents to provide contextual help and reduce calls to your call center

  • 1.  Apply chatbots to complex PDF documents to provide contextual help and reduce calls to your call center

    Posted 04-09-2019 10:00
    Edited by Chris Cummings 04-09-2019 10:01
    Imagine you're a customer reviewing an EngageOne Compose PDF... you're looking at a personalized and detailed offer.

    • In banking, it could be a mortgage proposal.
    • In insurance, a property or life insurance proposal.
    • In telco, a multi-play offer for all of a customer's fixed and mobile connectivity and entertainment needs.

    You review the document. And you have questions. Now what?

    Do you...

    • Call the call center?
    • Send an email?
    • Set the document aside and forget it in the deluge of other incoming things requiring your attention?

    A consumer survey conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that the most important factor in improving a customer's loyalty is reducing their level of effort -- that is, reducing the work they have to do to get their problems resolved and questions answered.

    Go back to that PDF and imagine....

    • What if each section of the proposal had personalized links to frequently asked questions tailored for that section of the proposal?
    • What if the answers were personalized and tailored to you?

    You can provide that kind of experience today by integrating an EngageOne Converse chatbot into your PDFs to provide personalized answers, in context, and cut down your support tickets and call center calls and deliver the faster, more personalized customer experience today's consumers demand.

    Here's one example of what that might look like:

    Integrate an EngageOne Converse chatbot into your interactive PDFs to answer consumer questions, in context, and head off calls or emails to the contact center.
    Tapping the question mark icon in this PDF opens the smaller web view which displays, in this example, the two most frequently cited questions for this part of this kind of document. 

    You can learn more about EngageOne Converse here, and in an upcoming post we'll walk through the steps of how to do this and what the possibilities are.

    Chris Cummings
    Boston US