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EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R3 is now available

  • 1.  EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R3 is now available

    Posted 04-08-2022 05:15

    The latest release of EngageOne Compose 4.4 SP11 R3 is now available.

    The release artifacts are available to download from the e-Store (Partners and Customers) :

    The EngageOne Deliver installation media is bundled with the EngageOne Server release zip, and is also available as a separate download.
    Download failure ?

    In case of download failures , do not reply to this post.

    Please e-mail a report of the issue to Fulfillment -> Fulfillment_Case@Precisely.com

    Product Documentation links
    A Full list of New features and cumulative issue fixes for each product can be found in each Product's release notes available on the Precisely support site.

    – Support for Variable and Interactive Variables
    Designer Advanced Search has been updated to search for Variable and Interactive Variables.
    The search results for Variable include the scope and container (object) name.
    Refer to the EngageOne Designer Users Guide for details.

    - ElasticSearch no longer distributed with Designer release media

    The Elasticsearch search engine used in the optional Designer Advanced Search feature is no longer distributed with this software.
    If you wish to use this feature you must download the Elasticsearch engine from the Elastic website.
    See the EngageOne Designer Installation guide for further information.

    - ElasticSearch 7.16.3 certification
    This release of EngageOne Designer has been tested with ElasticSearch 7.16.3 for use with the optional Advanced Search feature.

    EngageOne Designer - Snapshot release media modernization
    The Boardwalk and Microcom example application snapshots available from the Designer release media .\snapshots folder have been updated to modernize the supplied Snapshot Output device settings to produce optimized output.

    EngageOne Designer - Repository Configuration Tool - Database location option availability for local repository
    Designer Repository Configuration Tool Install new repository Database location option is now available for local repository selection.
    Note - The Install new repository Database location option is intentionally disabled for distributed installations.

    EngageOne Designer / Generate - Corrections to Image outputs
    The following Image output issues encountered in 6.6 SP11 R2 have been corrected ;

      • 1 Bit Black and White BMP image not visible in Generate PDF output
      • 8 Bit GIF image Designer published to Postscript produces invalid Postscript output
      • Multiple output for RGB PDF and Postscript along with CMYK Postscript produces Inverted rotated CMYK Postscript output
    EngageOne Generate support for later OS versions
    This release of EngageOne Generate adds support for the following versions of the relevant OS ;
      • AIX 7.2
      • z/OS 2.5
      • Oracle Linux 7.9

    EngageOne Generate - eHTML Bullet list Justified alignment support
    Generate eHTML Bullet list output now supports Justified and Fully Justified alignment options for eHTML Fixed and Fluid layouts.

    EngageOne Generate - Linedata output update
    Generate Linedata (Text) output has been updated to remove additional spaces from the start of the line , which could occur in some multi-language paragraph output in previous versions.

    EngageOne Interactive ActiveX Editor - Language switching correction
    Interactive ActiveX Editor GUI language switching can now be done more than once.
    Interactive ActiveX Editor language switching more than once in previous 6.6.11.x versions could lead to the Editor terminating unexpectedly.

    EngageOne Interactive Web client and ActiveX Editor support for Microsoft Edge browser IE Mode

    Following the withdrawal of Microsoft Internet Explorer from Windows 10 Semi Annual Channel versions (e.g 21H1,etc) from June 15th 2022, for customers who require continued use of EngageOne Interactive ActiveX Editor, the EngageOne Interactive web client and Interactive ActiveX Editor have been certified on Microsoft Edge using IE Mode.
    Refer to :

    EngageOne Server - Ability to upgrade to 4.4.11 for repositories using Custom code pages
    This release addresses an issue whereby migrating from earlier EngageOne Server versions to 4.4.11 using Custom code pages failed.
    Repositories containing Custom code pages can now be upgraded to this release.

    EngageOne Deliver - Microsoft Edge browser support
    From this release, EngageOne Deliver is supported on Microsoft Edge browser.

    Withdrawal notices

    EngageOne Generate - Removal of Transparency support for rotated objects

    Transparency support for Generate rotated output added in 6.6.11 R2 versions is withdrawn in 6.6.11 R3 Generate output due to a large performance overhead.
    Note - Native Transparency and ICC Color profile support for BMP and PNG image formats used for Generate PDF output is unaffected.

    EngageOne Server and Deliver - End of support for Oracle 12c versions
    Following Oracle's announcement outlining the end Oracle 12c database support, EngageOne Server and Deliver
    will withdraw support for this version of the database server as follows:
    • March 31st 2022 – Oracle
    • July 31st 2022 – Oracle

    EngageOne Server and Deliver customers using the above Oracle 12.x database versions should migrate to the
    long-term supported Oracle 19c version as soon as possible.

    Also included in this release
    This release also includes updates released in the previous 6.6.11 R2 -  update release :

    EngageOne Designer + Generate - Invalid Data Matrix Barcode message improvements
    When an invalid Data Matrix Barcode value is supplied , for example using Non alphanumeric or mixed case characters , Designer and Generate message reporting of "Internal error" has been replaced by:

    LAD11255A : The value '%s' is invalid for barcode (type - %s, label - %s).

    GEN0386A The value '%1' for the '%2' barcode on page %3 of document %4 is invalid.

    These messages have been added to the Diagnostic Message guide.

    EngageOne Designer Publish + Generate - Reserved area Rotated Text Box updates
    Designer Publish and Generate now supports Rotated Text Box content inside a Reserved area.

    EngageOne Designer Snapshot import update to allow Multiple font folders of the same name
    Designer Snapshot import has been updated to allow a Designer Snapshot to import where the Snapshot contains multiple font folders of the same name and the target Repository contains the same font folder name.

    EngageOne Generate - Bookmark feature and Paragraph options combination update
    EngageOne Generate has been updated to support the Design Bookmark feature in combination with the Design Paragraph control options "Merge
    with previous" and "Keep with next".

    EngageOne Generate - Structured XML Journal Output Device name special character support
    Generate Structured XML Journal "OutputDeviceName" support has been added to escape special characters such as Ampersand , Greater than , etc as part of the Designer Output Device name to allow XML post processing validation , for example in EngageOne Vault.

    EngageOne Designer Advanced Search - Minimum JVM/JDK requirement update
    EngageOne Designer Advanced Search feature JVM minimum requirement is Oracle/OpenJDK 11 onwards.

    Paul Barron
    Principal QA
    EngageOne Compose (Designer / Generate)