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  • 1.  Notification tile to the home screen

    Posted 04-12-2022 09:29


    Add a notification tile to the home screen where system administrators can post notifications. Notification should be configurable, including font, color, and should include a timestamp. Possibly the notifications should be set to expire after a period of time.


  • 2.  RE: Notification tile to the home screen

    Posted 04-14-2022 12:09

    Hi Prabhakaran,

    Within the "Administration" > "Settings" screen there are customizable options for the home screen : 

    This feature is meant to add linkable tiles to the homepage, though in theory this may be utilized for the purpose of notifications. If this is not aligned with what the team is specifically looking for, let me know and we can explore other options.

    Matthew Kennedy 

  • 3.  RE: Notification tile to the home screen

    Posted 05-11-2022 09:18

    Hi Matthew, I spoke with HydroOne about this request and they are looking for a new notifications panel to be added to the home screen.  Based on this, it sounds like this would require an enhancement.  The panel could look similar to the assignments panel visually, and the following features are important.  

    1. Allow administrators to post notifications to the panel
    2. Notifications that are added should have a posted/created timestamp displayed
    3. The font color, and boldness should be configurable for the notification text that's displayed
    4. The notification text may be a link (similar to assignments or activity) that brings you to a page containing more information about the notification if necessary [optional based on product management input]
    5. The notifications should be configurable to expire or be inactive after a period of time and be able to be deleted by administrators
    6. When a notification is active the notification panel should display on the home screen.  When there are no active notifications the panel could be hidden or minimized into an icon that users could click to see previous notifications [product management to determine exact features and location]
    7. Ideally notifications could include a link to another page (either an asset or asset list screen in Govern or external link ex. Confluence or JIRA)

    HydroOne appreciates the suggestion your offered for a short-term workaround.  I have heard from other customers who have requested similar functionality.  So this enhancement may also work for other customers as well.  

  • 4.  RE: Notification tile to the home screen

    Posted 05-11-2022 09:44

    Hi Sven,

    I have opened an enhancement request on behalf of the team ( Reference : GOV-18292 )

    Matthew Kennedy

  • 5.  RE: Notification tile to the home screen

    Posted 05-11-2022 10:44

    Thank you Matthew.